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4CYTE Marketing Support Library Updated

4CYTE Merchandising Kit

Provet Code: 4CYT B 31

The new-look 4CYTE™ Merchandising Kit is now available to order for your practice. This kit includes:

  • 1 x Display box
  • 25 x Pet Owner Leaflets DL "EPIITALIS® FORTE for Dogs"
  • 1 x Window Decal A5 "EPIITALIS® FORTE for Dogs"
  • 1 x Counter Card "EPIITALIS® FORTE for Dogs"
  • 1 x Counter Card "Jump & Dog"
  • 1 x Counter Card "Joint Disease"
  • 1 x Counter Card "Ask Your Vet Today"
  • 3 x Shelf Wobbler "EPIITALIS® FORTE for Dogs"
  • 2 x Shelf Wobbler "4CYTE™ Guarantee"

You can view and order all available 4CYTE™ Marketing Materials including the Merchandising Kit, Veterinary Research & Product Guide and Consumer Materials on Provet Connect or for more information, contact your local Provet Branch.

Individual items from the Merchandising Kit may also be ordered separately as refills. These include:

4CYTE Pet Owner DL
4CYT B 25
4CYTE™ Pet Owner Leaflets DL (pack 50) "EPIITALIS® FORTE for Dogs"

4CYTE Dog Gel A5 Window Decal
4CYT S 01
4CYTE™ Window Decal A5 "EPIITALIS® FORTE for Dogs"

4CYTE Dog Gel Counter Card 4CT CC 03
4CYT CC 03
4CYTE™ Counter Card "EPIITALIS® FORTE for Dogs"

4CYTE Counter Card 4CYT B 19
4CYT B 19
4CYTE™ Counter Card “Jump & Dog”

4CYTE Joing Disease Counter Card 4CYT B 26
4CYT B 26
4CYTE™ Counter Card “Joint Disease”

Ask Your Vet Counter Card
4CYT B 20
4CYTE™ Counter Card "Ask Your Vet Today"

4CYTE Dog Gel Shelf Wobbler 4CYT W 01
4CYT W 01
4CYTE™ Shelf Wobbler "EPIITALIS® FORTE for Dogs"

4CYTE Guranatee Shelf Wobbler 4CYT W 02
4CYT W 02
4CYTE™ Shelf Wobbler "4CYTE™ Guarantee"

Veterinary Research & Product Guide, Social Media and Web Advertising

You can access downloadable brochures and images on our Downloads page.


4CYTE™ therapeutic claims are applicable for the Australian market only. Please be aware that various countries have different regulatory requirements. This information should be read accordingly. Always consult your Veterinarian on the health of your animal.

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