Instruments and Equipment

The Provet Instruments and Equipment department provides a full range of quality products to complement today’s busy, modern veterinary clinic by providing superior technical support including service facilities and hire equipment.

For more information about our products and services or if you are looking for a particular item, please contact your Provet Business Account Manager or your local Provet Branch.


Expert Advice

Our staff offer free advice on all aspects of the use and maintenance of your equipment as well as advice on the right purchase for your practice needs.

Repairs and Service

Provet can track your repair from the time it leaves your practice until it's delivered back to you in working order. No need to worry about repairs - just send them to Provet and we do the rest! All repair and service work done through Provet earns you Provet PLUS+ Points.

Equipment Hire

Provet offers an extensive range of hire equipment such as Autoclaves, Clippers, Dental Units, Electrosurgery, X-Ray Units and more. Now you can continue to service your clients even when your equipment is out of action.

Equipment Evaluations

Thinking about buying or selling? Contact your local Provet Branch for an evaluation.

Practice Set-Up

Provet specialises in practice set-up. We understand what a task this is and will work every step of the way to make sure that setting up your practice is as smooth as possible.

Product Sourcing

Looking for an unusual product and don't know where to start? Our experienced staff offer their knowledge and assistance to find anything you need for your practice.


We offer a full range of quality products to complement today's busy, modern veterinary practice, both new and second hand. Please see below for a list of instruments and equipment available through Provet.


Anaesthetic units and parts (large and small animal), anaesthetic agents, monitors, circuits, scavenge systems, ventilators, adaptors, tubing, masks, regulators, flow meters and vapourisers.

Artificial Insemination

Artificial vaginas, liners, bulbs, sperm glass, condoms, A.I. pipettes/straws and accessories.

Autoclaves and Sterilisers

Units, trays, packaging and tape and heat sealers.


Fibreglass banks, stainless steel banks, folding cages, cage matting and cage card holders.


Cryosurgical units, tips and liquid nitrogen containers.


Dental units, micro motors, ultrasonic tips, burrs, hand instruments, paste and disposables, equine dental and home care.


Otoscopes, ophthalmoscopes, handles, specula, laryngoscope, stethoscopes, transilluminators, thermometers, lamps and batteries.


Animal clippers, blades, hydrobaths, dryers and accessories.

Hospital Equipment

Dressing bowls, kidney dishes, lotion bowls, trolleys, tables, drip stands, weigh scales, stools, positioning equipment, heat pads, stretchers, infusion pumps, electrosurgical theatre lights, plaster saws and suction equipment.


Centrifuge, microscopes, counting chambers, incubators, stain kits, wood lamps and refractometers.

Monitoring Equipment

ECG, pulse oximeters, thermometers, Apalert and ultrasound equipment.


Forceps, rope, chains and protective clothing.


Rasps, elevators/bone levers, mallets, wire saws, osteotomes, forceps, rongeurs, drills, biopsy, cerclage, pliers, osteosynthesis, external fixation and hire kits.

Restraining Products

Bull leads, cow sings, lead rope, cattle drivers, catching poles, Elizabethan collars and muzzles.

Rural Range

Castrating/spaying, dehorning, identification, drenching, vaccination and pour-on equipment, hoof care and stomach tubes.

Surgical Instruments

Scalpels and handles, forceps, scissors, needle holders, surgical needles, towel clamps, ligature instruments, retractors and ophthalmic accessories.