SureSafe® are a new generation of disposable surgical gowns, drapes & clinical apparel, designed to improve efficiency, quality control and personnel safety in operating theatres, whilst also minimising costs.

Key features of SureSafe® Surgical Drapes:

  • Low-linting, non-woven, absorbent medical fabric laminated to a non-skid film
  • Strong and safe fluid control features, soak up spills and splatters
  • No fluid strike through, fully impervious drapes absorbent outer layer
  • Easy handling due to optimal folding and self-explanatory pictograms
  • Flexibility with custom products for the Australian market
  • Meet EN13795 standard high performance

SureSafe® Transparent Drapes:

  •  Ensures visibility of the patient during procedures while maintaining the sterility of the surgical site
  • Available in three different sizes with no fenestration
  • Available in one size with an adhesive fenestration
  • Ideal for avian, rodent and other small animal surgeries

Key features of SureSafe® Surgical Gowns:

  • Extra wide 90x90cm sterile field is made of light weight SMS medical fabric
  • Includes a lint free cotton hand towel for quick hand drying
  • Tracking label available for efficient patient and clinic record
  • Full range of gowns suitable for various surgeries

SureSafe® Clinical Apparel:
SureSafe® disposable protective apparel offers a wide range of quality, cost effective protective apparel that provides safety and comfort. 

SureSafe5® Sterilisation Wraps:
SureSafe5® sterilisation wrap is an extremely tear proof and resistant non-woven material made of polypropylene which is perfectly suitable for heavy duty applications. The five layers of material are made of three layers of spunbond polypropylene which ensure extraordinary flexibility and drapeability, and two layers of meltblown polypropylene form an efficient barrier against bacteria. 2-side with different tones enables clinicians to rapidly identify tears/damage to sterilised packs.

For more information download a copy of the SureSafe® Veterinary Catalogue, contact your local Provet Business Account Manager or local Provet Branch.

Download a copy of the
SureSafe® Veterinary Catalogue here.

SureSafe Catalogue July 2019 edition


Here’s what people have been saying about the SureSafe® range:

“EVH Emergency Vet Hospital is a new emergency and after hours vet clinic. Situated in Wangara, Perth they are open every night of the week from 5pm to 8am the next morning.
The SureSafe® range of disposable gowns and drapes has provided us with security and convenience, knowing we always have sterile and clean items ready for emergency procedures and don’t need to spend time on sterilising reusable gowns and drapes.
We have also been very happy with the quality of the SureSafe® gowns and drapes, and look forward to continuing to purchase this range of products from Provet.”

Dr Stephen Reid, Veterinary Director EVH Emergency Vet Hospital

“I find SureSafe® a particularly cost effective and time saving range to use. It is great that many of the products come in already sterile packaging, it saves my staff a lot of time when it comes to organising surgery kits. I also particularly like the isolation gowns. They are a cost effective way of dealing with infectious cases, such as Parvo, in a much safer way for the staff and clients of our practice.”

Dr Stuart Austin BVSc, North Cowra Veterinary Hospital