Earn Provet PLUS+ Points

Every time you purchase products from Provet, you earn Provet PLUS points at the appropriate rate.

Earning and redeeming points is easy. Once you become a member, you earn Provet PLUS points:

  • For every dollar spent with Provet
  • For settling your Provet accounts on time
  • When selected products are purchased from our Supplier Partners
  • By participating in promotions offered by our Supplier Partners

When you are ready to redeem your Provet PLUS points, just complete a Redemption Form outlining your chosen reward, or contact your local Provet Branch. Your Provet Business Account Manager can help you put together goals designed to help you get the most out of your points.

Provet PLUS Supplier Partners

Our valued supplier partners link points to selected products, and from time to time promotional bonus points are offered.

To view our ongoing supplier promotions, please click on a supplier logo below.


Current Provet PLUS Promotions

Our current promotions are listed below. You may be required to log in to your Provet Online account to view some content.