Provet - Australasia's Premier Veterinary Distributor
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A Message from the Managing Director 1

Almost 40 years ago a small group of veterinarians had a vision to expand the veterinary industry by reinvesting proceeds generated by the profession back into the profession. Their vision was to provide the veterinary industry with a one-stop shop that would be a resource to help veterinarians run better businesses and strengthen the profession through their investment in the industry professional bodies.

This vision continues to be realised and is the driving force behind what is now the Provet Group of Companies.

Provet remains the leading animal health distribution company in Australasia. In February 2019, Provet officially became a Covetrus company – a leading global animal health technology and services company, dedicated to empowering veterinary practices to drive improved health and financial outcomes.

Provet’s vision was always to be more than a distributor. Rather, we are partners with our clients facilitating them to run better businesses. We offer an extensive selection of products including a range of exclusively distributed products. Our value added business solutions are designed to provide our partners with tools aimed at adding real value to their customers and businesses. These include inventory management, practice management software, training and consulting, business rewards, online account management, instruments and equipment through VetQuip, orthopaedic implants and instruments through the Provet Veterinary Instrumentation range and the exclusive KRUUSE and Covetrus Essentials portfolios.

We are proud to continue to invest significantly into professional support and veterinary education through our long standing associations and ongoing relationships with the veterinary professional bodies. These include our ongoing investment and support of the AVA, EVA, NZVA, VNCA, NZVNA and numerous other sponsorships and associations.

Provet continues to strive for excellence in our relationships with all stakeholders to ensure we continue to make this veterinary industry the best it can be and through that help our clients to run better businesses so they can remain at the forefront of this great industry.

Simon Hellams
Vice President & Managing Director ANZ, Provet Pty Ltd