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KRUUSE have been a leader in providing the Veterinary industry with high quality and innovative products for more than 100 years.

KRUUSE understand the needs of the veterinary profession and work closely with leading specialists from all over the world. The KRUUSE innovation strategy and design processes are clearly defined to ensure advanced, innovative and thought-through products. As a leading supplier of veterinary solutions, some of the well-known brands by KRUUSE include BUSTER, CATRINE, KRUTEX, EQUIVET and BOVIVET.


KRUUSE Veterinary Catalogue

The KRUUSE Veterinary Catalogue Australian Edition features eleven chapters of conveniently grouped products with an easy-to-follow layout. The latest update includes several new lines, including the BUSTER Green Ocean Collar.

KRUUSE Catalogue Cover 2023 AU

KRUUSE Postoperative Care Guide

To celebrate 125 years of KRUUSE caring for animals, we are pleased to present the KRUUSE Postoperative Care Guide. This guide is only available online or digitally.


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