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A new generation of disposable surgical gowns, drapes and clinical apparel, designed to improve efficiency, quality control and personnel safety in operating theatres, whilst also minimising costs.

SureSafe® Surgical Drapes

SureSafe® Transparent Drapes

SureSafe® Surgical Gowns

SureSafe® Clinical Apparel

SureSafe® disposable protective apparel offers a wide range of quality, cost effective protective apparel that provides safety and comfort.

SureSafe® Sterilisation Wraps

SureSafe® sterilisation wrap is an extremely tear proof and resistant non-woven material made of polypropylene which is perfectly suitable for heavy duty applications. The five layers of material are made of three layers of spunbond polypropylene which ensure extraordinary flexibility and drapeability, and two layers of meltblown polypropylene form an efficient barrier against bacteria. 2-side with different tones enables clinicians to rapidly identify tears/damage to sterilised packs.

SureSafe® Veterinary Catalogue

SureSafe® products ensure you save time and money while upholding the best standards of clinical care every step of the way.



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