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Ophthalmic hydration and eye protection for dogs and cats.

New technology with proven extended duration of cover and protection

Introducing NEW Sentrx Animal Care products for ophthalmic hydration and eye protection – now available exclusively from Provet.

Sentrx products are the first products of their type available in Australia designed for pets and are available through veterinary practices only.

Sentrx™ Product Range

Sentrx 1

Oculenis™ BioHAnce™ Ocular Barrier Gel 3mL

0.75% BioHAnce™ Highest eye care concentration, providing a more viscous covering.

Ideal for use during sedation of dogs and cats, or post-surgery where eyes may be unprotected.

Sentrx 2

Ocunovis™ BioHAnce™ Gel Eye Drops

0.4% BioHAnce™ Cross-linked hyaluronic acid gel technology reduces the number of applications.

For topical application to the eye where long lasting lubrication may be of benefit in dogs and cats.

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