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Behavioural Solutions

Alongside the globally recognised BUSTER Collars,  BUSTER Tablet Introducers and Catrine Pearl Litter, Provet offers an additional range of effective behavioural solutions from KRUUSE.

Recommended and supported by many veterinarians and animal behaviourists, this dynamic range includes interactive toys designed to stimulate pets both mentally and physically, as well as safe patient handling apparatus for veterinarians.

BUSTER Interactive Toys

The BUSTER Interactive Toy range consists of both Treat Toys and Slow Feeders aimed to combine feeding and play. Both canine and feline obesity are rising at an alarming rate, and these toys provides owners with an aid to manage at least part of the dry feed diet and physical exercise. Each product varies in levels of difficulty and mental/physical stimulation, which can also reduce separation anxiety by enriching a pet’s lifestyle.

Product Range

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