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Quality & Value Delivered

Covetrus Essentials offers you good quality and all the trusted veterinary products you’ve come to expect, together with an ever-expanding range designed to help your modern day practice continue to prosper.

We strive to give you a product range you can trust, so you can focus on what matters: your patients, the medicine, the care giving. We combine good quality and reasonable pricing while improving the efficiencies of practices and clinics for both small and large animals.

Covetrus Essentials has you covered for a wide range of everyday practice requirements. From syringes, wound dressings and pharmaceuticals to veterinary instruments, equipment and suture needles, your team will be well-prepared for all kinds of situations. With Covetrus Essentials, we promise you quality & value delivered, so you can continue to provide high quality service to your clients, while increasing the profitability of your practice.

Our Essentials product range also offers products for niche procedures, provided by industry experts who share the passion of combining good quality and reasonable pricing. Get inspired by the variety and opportunities our assortment of products holds in store for you and watch closely as we continue to expand the product range significantly across all product categories.

Covetrus Essentials Catalogue

The 2024 Covetrus Essentials Catalogue is now here! This update includes some significant new additions to our range, particularly in our surgical and pharmacy categories.

Covetrus Essentials Catalogue AU 2024 - Cover

Product Range

Product News & Promotions

Covetrus Essentials 2

Faxone Introductory Offer

Offer available from 3rd July to 31st July 2024 or while funds last. Terms, conditions and exclusions apply.

Continue to order Henry Schein Brand as usual. You will be alerted as Henry Schein Brand codes transition automatically to Covetrus Essentials codes. Once transitioned you will be able to commence ordering on the Covetrus Essentials codes for your future orders. Keep an eye out for packaging changes as we continue to transition to Covetrus Essentials.

If you would like more information, speak to your Provet Business Account Manager or your local Provet branch.