Provet Connect

Provet Connect: My AccountProvet Connect is our online portal for Provet customers that allows you to manage your most important interactions with Provet in one place.

From placing orders, monitoring account balances, and tracking the accumulation of your Provet PLUS Points, you can now access all this information at your fingertips at a time that suits you.

Provet Connect is broken down into different areas allowing varying levels of access to be given to staff members, with these access levels being set by Practice Managers.

My Account

My Account is Provet’s online tool that makes it easier for you to monitor and manage your accounts when and as required.

Once registered for My Account, you will be able to login and view your account information for all linked accounts in the one location. It simplifies the process of:

  • Checking account balances
  • Viewing and printing invoices
  • Checking back orders
  • Obtaining payment details

Now you can log straight onto My Account and source the required information when and where you want.

My Rewards

Monitoring your Provet PLUS points has never been easier. Through My Rewards you can:

  • Track your Provet PLUS activities
  • View or print your Provet PLUS statements
  • Download a redemption form
  • View a summary of Supplier Provet PLUS points awarded

Using My Rewards makes it easy to see how many points you have accumulated, have the potential to earn or have redeemed.

My Inventory

My Inventory lets you search for products and place online orders with Provet quickly and easily.

Sign up for Provet Connect

For more information about Provet Connect, contact your Provet Business Account Manager, Provet Branch or complete the User Application Form.

Are you looking for Classifieds?

For security reasons, your Provet Online/Classifieds account is completely separate from your Provet Connect account.

To add or manage your classifieds, log in or register on the Classifieds page.