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BUSTER Green Ocean Collar

The BUSTER range has become known as the innovative benchmark in pet protection and the BUSTER Green Ocean Collar is no different, delivering superior pet protection and empowering you to make the environmentally friendly choice for your practice and the environment.

The BUSTER Green Ocean Collar is made from 95% old fishing nets that are collected and recycled responsibly. Recycling old fishing nets is a new focus area in the booming plastics recycling industry. Without it, this plastic would be sent to landfill, burnt, or lost at sea – destroying habitats and endangering marine animals.

BUSTER Green Ocean Collar 1

The BUSTER Green Ocean collars are equipped with the easy-to-apply “Clic” closing system with outer straps for secure fastening to the dog’s neck collar and the opaqueness of the collar provides a den-like and low-stress environment for the dog.

The BUSTER Green Ocean Collar is perfect for: 

  • Postoperative care 
  • Wound care 
  • Spey/neuter recovery
  • Hot spots and other skin ailments 
  • Skin disease

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