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BUSTER Plastic Dog Muzzles

BUSTER Plastic Dog Muzzles 1

Made of strong, yet soft on skin plastic, with nose reinforcement and strong leather strap and buckle.

Allows free breathing, panting and reduces panic as little pressure on patient’s muzzle area.

Ideal use during training, handling and to reduce risk of biting at home or during treatment.

Washable with warm water and soap. Dry before use.

Provet CodeDescriptionSize
MUZZ B P1No 135.5 cm
MUZZ B P2No 239cm
MUZZ B P3No 341cm
MUZZ B P4No 443cm
MUZZ B P5No 546.5cm
MUZZ B P6No 652cm
MUZZ B P7No 753.5cm
MUZZ B P8No 857cm
MUZZ B P9No 958cm
MUZZ B P10No 1063cm

Muzzles for Boxers and wide and short nosed dogs are also available.

If you would like more information, speak to your Provet Business Account Manager or your local Provet branch.