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BUSTER Tablet Introducer Safety Soft Tip

BUSTER Tablet Introducer Safety Soft Tip 1

The BUSTER tablet introducer makes it easier to administer the tablet without causing damage to the mouth.

  • Rounded finger bars for optimal grip
  • Transparent barrel for better view of tablet
  • Reinforced tablet holder for best safety
  • Supplied with a molded soft rubber tip
  • Available in a smart display box with 10 units


The tablet introducer is intended for use in single treatment cycle for each animal for up to 10-15 treatments, in the same number of days (10-15 days). After that, the tablet introducer must be discarded.


The BUSTER tablet introducer must only be rinsed in tepid water or in a dishwasher.
Avoid using any disinfectant detergent, hot/boiling water or autoclaving.

Instructions for use

BUSTER Tablet Introducer Safety Soft Tip 2
  1. Draw clean drinking water into the tablet introducer
  2. Place the tablet at the end of the introducer and open the animal’s mouth
  3. Insert the tablet introducer so that the tablet touches the back of the tongue
  4. Push the piston in order to release the water and the tablet. The animal will automatically swallow the tablet

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