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KRUUSE Rehab Weighted Cuffs for Dogs

Weight training is a common practice used to exercise the dog’s muscles and can be used for both rehabilitation and wellness in training programmes.

Exercising with weighted cuffs results in stronger muscles and better movements. The training should be adjusted from using very light weights to heavier weights after a couple of weeks.

  • Suitable starting weight is 1 gram per kilogram of the dog’s bodyweight.
  • Progressively increase to a weight of 2 gram per kilogram of the dog’s bodyweight over time.
  • Front Legs: when exercising the front legs, the weighted cuffs should be placed above the carpus.
  • Hind Legs: when exercising the dog’s hind legs, the weighted cuffs should be placed above the hock with the side pockets turned away from the dog’s body.
  • To improve balance and control, the weighted cuffs should always be worn in pairs.
  • KRUUSE Rehab Weighted Cuffs do not come with weights. Coins may be used as additional weights and placed into the pouch inside the cuffs, or alternatively extra weight cuffs may be purchased separately and used as additional weights.
  • Available in sizes XS – L.

Sizing Guide

SizeBreed Example
XSPapillon, Chihuahua
SDachshund, Whippet, Sheltie
MLabrador, Dalmatian
LRottweiler, German Shepherd

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