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KRUUSE SafeVet Combi Set

The KRUUSE SafeVet IV Combi Set provides access to the peripheral vascular system for the administration of fluids and drugs. The innovative safety feature “Safety Needle Guard” prevents needle stick injuries by a safety clip, which automatically closes on the tip as the needle is being extracted.  

KRUUSE SafeVet Combi Set 1

Features and Benefits

  • Safety mechanism automatically covers the needle’s sharp bevel
  • 1 needle free injection port & 1 luer injection port
  • Locking clamp on extension
  • Supports two infusions at the same time
  • Closed system reduces blood reflux
  • Soft and flexible wings on IV catheter for precision placement
  • Constructed with highly biocompatible polyurethane tubing that allows for longer indwelling time
  • Includes built-in features that prioritise patient comfort

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