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KRUUSE Splints

It is well known that quick and efficient immobilisation of a damaged limb significantly improves the probability of full recovery.

The splints in the KRUUSE range offer you the following benefits:

  • Affected limb is allowed to bear weight
  • Limb is immobilised so wounds can heal
  • Lightweight construction for patient comfort
  • Reduces the costs associated with bandaging and casting
  • Easy application
KRUUSE Splints 1

BUSTER Quicksplint

These splints are perforated to accommodate drainage and ventilation. Recommended for a variety of problems including fractures, soft tissue trauma, post-surgical care, first aid etc.

Clear plastic, tarsal splint for dogs and cats designed for easy, accurate fitting. Supports the leg from either the lateral or medial side when equipped with a soft bandage. An adhesive bandage holds the two parts together.

Supplied as a pair.

KRUUSE Splints 2

BUSTER Carpal Splint

These splints are made of a heavy duty material, which has been reinforced with longitudinal ribs. A recess area reduces pressure on the carpal pad, and a slight bend in the distal end follows the natural resting position.

KRUUSE Splints 3

BUSTER Plastic Splint

Disposable leg splints in green plastic with foam padding. Can be contoured at distal end by applying moderate heat. Radiolucent.

KRUUSE Splints 4

BUSTER Aluminium Leg Splints

Aluminium Leg Splints with foam pad. Flexible – can be bent and cut to the correct size and shape.

KRUUSE Splints 5

Vet-Lite Bandage

Ventilated white thermoplastic mesh splinting and casting material, lightweight and very strong.

When heated in hot water it turns into a soft malleable material that can be shaped into any configuration then hardens as it cools. X-ray translucent.

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