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Cuff Inflator with Manometer

KRUUSE AG Cuffill 1

The KRUUSE AG Cuffill device is an accurate solution for measuring cuff pressure and controlling the volume of air in the cuff of PVC and Silicone Endotracheal tubes to prevent over-inflation.

The portable and ergonomic syringe-like design allows for a simple and easy operation by Veterinarians and Veterinary Nurses. Closely resembling the existing common practice i.e. inflating the cuff with a syringe, the AG Cuffill achieves greater accuracy and more importantly a safer practice.

Features and Benefits

  • Allows for accurate reading and measurement of the cuff pressure
  • Intuitive, easy and simple to use
  • Pocket-size and light-weight
  • Minimises risk of cuff over-inflation
  • Measurement range 0-99 cm (mmHg/cmH2O)
  • Measurement accuracy ±2 (mmHg/cmH2O)
  • Lasts 100 measurements/readings
  • Automatically turns off 60 seconds after activation

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